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  1. Hespori Event

    Great guide! If ur lucky enough to get a rare seed from Hespori here's what they each do. Attas Seed: Provides the whole server with bonus xp for 1 hour. Kronos Seed: Provides whole server Double chance at Raids and Theatre of Blood. Iasor Seed: Double Drops for whole server for 1 hour. (Applies to everything on ::droptable except pets. Rolls twice instead of once.) Golpar Seed: 2x Coin bags, Resource Boxes, Clues, and Crystal Keys for 1 hour. Noxifer Seed: x2 Slayer points for 1 hour. Buchu Seed: x2 Boss points for 1 hour. Celastrus Seed: x2 Brimstone keys for 1 hour. Consecration Seed: +5 PC Points for 1 hour. Kelda Seed: x2 Larran's key for 1 hour.
  2. 1. Desired staff position: Server Support 2. Your name (first name would suffice): Zen 3. Your age: 26 4. Your timezone: GMT+10 5. Average amount of gameplay hours per day: 4-8 hours 6. Why you should receive the position: I believe i would be a good candidate for this position as i have previous experience in similar roles on very active servers (not saying which as that would violate the advertisement rule) I've been an active player of Nova-prime since its 4th day of release so I have a good grasp on the ins and outs of Nova-Prime, I'm very friendly, rational, easy to get along with and always keen to help where I can, I look forward to seeing this server and community grow. Thank you for considering my application - Zen See you all in-game