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Fire of Exchange

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What is Fire of Exchange?
Fire of Exchange is a custom mechanic in Nova-Prime that allows you to "Burn" many different items in return for FOE Points which you can spend in the FOE shop. Essentially this helps the economy stay balanced and self sustainable creating a better player experience.

Where is it?

Fire of exchange is located at home by the shops.

How does it work?

You can burn many many items in the game for FOE points to check and see every item that you can FOE and for how much go to the Fire of Exchange and right click and select "Burn Rates Fire of Exchange" this will open a UI showing you every possible item to burn. There are many items you can burn and I really recommend you take a look at this option.

(Rares, Boss drops, Cosmetics, PVP armor, GWD Items ETC...)




Here are some commonly received items that can be burned for FOE Points.

svyhhPe.pngAncient Talisman - Acquired from Pvm/skilling

WQNivNo.pngAncient Coin - Acquired from Pvm/Skilling

XQHeF07.pngSmall Enriched Bone - Acquired from Chests

vedywW3.pngMedium Enriched Bone  - Acquired from Chests

TT2omW4.pngLarge Enriched Bone - Acquired from Chests

gvvgVKL.pngGolden statuette - Acquired from Pvm/Skilling

Burning Items

Once you have got some beautiful items to Burn in the Exchange head on over and click on the Fire of Exchange.

Click on any item in your inventory that you would like to burn and use it on the fire of exchange.

Remember this item will be gone FOREVER.


FoE Pet Information

The FoE now offers a variety of pets that when summoned, will give the player a unique bonus. These pets are considered end-game items because of the passive effect each one offers. For this reason, each pet is priced high not only for the cosmetic aspect but also for the passive bonus each one offers. These are NOT meant to be obtained easily.


Note: You may also examine a pet in the FoE store to see its effect.

1. Imp 

80% chance to pick up crystal keys that drop.

2. Imp  Master

80% chance to pick up clue scrolls that drop.

3. Hell Goblin 

80% chance to auto-pick up coin bags.

5. K'klik  

+5% Drop Rate Boost. (can be used in inventory)

6. Shadow Warrior 

50% chance for an additional +10% str bonus against PvM.

7. Shadow Archer  

50% chance for an additional +10% range str bonus against PvM.

8. Shadow Wizard  

50% chance for an additional +10% mage str bonus against PvM.

10. Corrupt Beast  

+5% Drop rate bonus and 50% chance for an additional +10% str, range, and mage bonus against PvM.

11. Kratos  

+5% Drop rate bonus and most other perks combined, excludes the Roc's +10% drop rate bonus.

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