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Tyler's Moderator Application

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1. Desired staff position: Moderator.
2. Your name (first name would suffice): Tyler
3. Your age: 27
4. Your timezone: Central
5. Average amount of gameplay hours per day: 6 hours 
(I rotate shifts for work every 2 weeks. 1st, 2nds & 3rds. Time varies on the shift.)
6. Why you should receive the position: Been playing since day 1. Mature, considerate, fair, friendly and level headed. My commitment to the server is to keep good vibes at all times. We all play for fun. No time for drama or toxisity. 

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Tyler we appreciate you applying for staff. Currently we do not promote straight to Moderator. We will do a trial period as a server support and see how things go. If they go well then we promote to Mod. 

I would like to congratulate you on your promotion to :support:Server Support. Your application has been accepted.

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