Welcome to Nova-Prime!

Nova-Prime was created to bring all those who love playing OSRS but want a much faster pace experience. Mod Bubz created this because he was one of those people. Feel free to join him and have a fun experience on Nova-Prime. Any suggestions please post in the discord!

Recent News

Mod Bubz Owner
New Website

Welcome everyone to Nova-Prime's new website. Forums are coming soon and I will post more updates when that happens!

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Mod Bubz Owner
Updated Client Launcher!

Hello everyone i posted an updated client launcher. With the new client it will auto update both cache and client. Any questions feel free to ask me or any admins!

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Nova-Prime is



  • Iron God received 1x Abyssal Whip
  • Bubz received 1x Armadyl Hilt
  • Tlpyro received 1x Dharok's Helm
  • Tlpyro received 10x Uber Box's

Recent Achievements

  • Iron God reached lvl 99 Farming
  • Iron God reached lvl 99 Smithing
  • Tlpyro reached lvl 99 Firemaking
  • Bubz reached lvl 99 Construction
  • Tlpyro reached lvl 99 Hitpoints
  • Bubz reached lvl 99 Slayer